Crypto, quantified

Many crypto traders rely solely on historic price charts, chatrooms and news sites for their trading decisions. We believe a more principled approach is necessary.

At Viewly One we aggregate market, on-chain, fundamental, social and proprietary data for various coins and tokens, and provide quantitative analysis. Our goal is to help you make better informed decisions.

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Fundamental analysis

  • review of business model, tech and game theory
  • founder and investor vs. public holdings
  • treasury management
  • competitor analysis and relative performance

We also perform econometrics with data from:

Market analysis

  • live and historic liquidity
  • real liquidity estimation
  • flows of assets in and out of exchanges
  • trading activity / flows between coins
  • trend and seasonality decomposition
  • asset correlations

Social analysis

  • search trends
  • narrative tracking
  • social influencer graph
  • brand discoverability, reach and trends

We are tracking the following platforms:
50 Top
3 Top
17 Analyst
3 Years
of Data

Data providers and partners

We are working with the following partners who provide us with high quality data feeds:

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